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Thousands Have Succeeded In Finding A Foreign Bride Who Never Thought They Could

Looking for a Foreign Bride Demystified

Global Brides 4 U takes the mystery out of the process of finding a Foreign Bride and makes it easy for single men and women to meet each other without taking the risks associated with bar-hopping. Now, if you like barhopping I guess online dating is just supplemental to it. At least that's my view of it.

That isn't the only risk you take though. With so many choices and such variety, dating... matchmaking... Foreign Matchmaking Agencies it can be a bit of a challenge because scams abound online and it can be difficult to sort the bad apples out of the good apples bin.

ruthDo you feel a bit overwhelmed? Relax. I've done the sorting for you . Global Brides is your guide to the best Foreign Agencies sites and matchmaking sites, period. I've scoured the internet looking for dating ideas sites, mail order brides, international dating, Russian brides, foreign brides, Asian dating. Everything from "soup to nuts". I couldn't believe all the dating sites that I found. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly; and none of the bad and ugly can be found here.

This website has been online for about five years now and I have recently rebuilt it to update it, modernize it etc. and I am always looking for some new content I could add here and there that might interest my audience. You will be seeing new articles appear on a somewhat regular basis.

I've been married three times... my first marriage from the age of 19 to about 25 my second marriage from about 27 to 34 and my last marriage from the age of 36 until 2011. Then the unthinkable happened. I became a widow.

Wow, that didn't leave a lot of years in between marriages did it?

Back in 1980 when I was 35, (oops now you know how old I am) there wasn't much available online for dating. As a matter of fact there wasn't anything online to be had. Everything back then was still pretty much....go to a club.... meet up with somebody there, find that you like them or not (that's how I met Hubby #3). I guess nothings really changed in today's world except for the fact that online dating services exist and they have become more popular than ever before.

I personally have never actually used an online dating service. But, I have girlfriends and men friends that are single and are using online dating services that have provided me with lots of insider information. I built the site because some years back my friends told me that they were having issues and it became clear to me that some of the fog needed to be lifted.

Back in 1998 Rosalind Gardner started the "sage-hearts" web site which was my inspiration. I bought her e-book course and followed her advice. I did a lot of research on the subject of best Marriage Agencies and found a lot of confusing information. I found a lot of scams and I set out to try and make online dating less confusing and to review the sites that are presented here.

So that's how this website originally got started.

Now let's go to why you're actually here at Global Brides 4 U. What is it that you're looking to find? A Foreign Bride? I have done a lot more research to rebuilt the site, which now includes only the very best foreign dating and matchmaking services that have been around for a number of years. That's really good for you because there are a lot of "not so good" sites out there.

Look at the links on the left side of the page and it will take you to categories that might interest you. These links may lead you to a lover, a friend, the perfect soul-mate, or someone to share your fantasies with. Perhaps you're only looking for some dating advice. Whatever it is, you're starting from the right place.

There are thousands of singles out there looking for love and companionship just like you.

So, it's really up to you now! Get hooked on the idea of marriage to a foreign bride because there is a huge trend underway for marriage to an beautiful woman from Russia, Ukraine, Asia, Latin America. The explosion of online personals speaks for itself. There is someone out there waiting just for you for marriage. Just follow the path to the best sites that I have laid out for you. It's fun and exciting and I do wish you all the best in your search and lots of LOVE in your FUTURE!

Thank you for visiting and letting me be "Your Guide" and please don't forget to sign up for our Dating Connection Newsletter. I only send out newsletters when I get some really juicy bit of information that I think you might like to know about.

I rate these to be the top 2 Online Marriage Agencies and Introduction Sites both by quality and size: A Foreign Affair and A Pretty Woman


We are a proud affiliate of A Foreign Affair, and A Pretty Woman the world's top marriage agencies.

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