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Discovered the problem in your relationship before you shelled out thousands of dollars to see a counselor


(book review) by Pat Stephens

I was getting a very odd feeling about my relationship with my partner. We had been together for nearly a decade without any problems. Suddenly, I felt like we were slipping apart or at least we didn't seen to be as happy together as we once were. This really bothered me and I set out to figure what went wrong.

Fortunately I discovered the problem in our relationship before I shelled out thousands of dollars to see a counselor (which I was prepared to do).  

The problem was simple. We stopped having fun dates like we used to. Dinners and a movie to be frank are boring. They are a great escape but don't do much for relationships.

Fortunately I came across Michael Webb's book, 300 Creative Dates. I feel in love with my darling just by reading all the super imaginative and fun dates Michael talked about. I could envision us doing exactly what Michael described. 

So, I issued a challenge to my dear heart. You take one week and I'll take the next. No more dinner/movie dates. There are so many terrific ideas in the book I don't know where to start. I guess it doesn't matter because after 5 years there will still be dates nights to try out. 

We are already back on cloud nine and the fun has just begun. If you want to put a lift back into your relationship, check out 300 Creative Dates by Michael Webb. Your relationship will never be the same.

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