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Michael Webb reveals all his romantic tips and ideas..........................

Romantic Tips and Ideas

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The Romantics Guide - Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love by Michael Webb

The Romantics GuideA rare gem

Reviewer: A reader from Lansing, Michigan

Coming across this book was like finding a rare gem in the dessert. I've been looking for this sort of book for years and am thrilled to have finally found it.

I too am a firm believer that romance is giving a part of yourself, not just what you put on your credit card. I've been looking for someone who hasn't "sold out" to the billions spent on advertising telling us the amount of money we spend is what makes us romantic. I've seen far too many books that say costly impersonal gifts are romantic.

This book mainly has three categories. How to tell someone you love them in writing, how to show someone they are special by gifts you present to them and how to romance someone by doing things together with them.

The simple ways to say I love you using rubbing alcohol, kool-aid, mustard and glow in the dark stars really got me excited. I'm not great at love letters and I can definitely do these ideas.

I just love all the creative gifts ideas this book has. The latex glove idea was brilliant as was the items he made on the copy machine. I'm definitely going to try the dust pan and duct tape suggestion. My sweetheart is still bragging about some of the other tips I've tried out.

The dating ideas were terrific. I'm bored with dinner and a movie every week and now I can do the millionaire date or the quarter date. The do it again date or the bibliophile date.

If one person tries to do all the ideas in this book, it would probably take them five years. They are all awesome.

This book should be mandatory reading for every man and woman -- there would be a huge drop in the divorce rate if people just did a fraction of the ideas in this book.

"I not only found the book delightful but also loved reading the many wonderful reviews of how the book has helped so many..." - Ruth "Your Guide"

This 224 page book has been praised in over 250 magazines and newspapers for its "ingenious and creative" tips on romance.

Things You Should Know About Your Mate

1000 Questions for CouplesThere are hundreds of fun "getting to know you" questions but there are also important questions that most people don't even think of asking but are absolutely necessary if you want to have a happy relationship.

Questions 4 Couples

The World's Most Romantic, Unique & Fun Dating Ideas

300 Creative DatesIn addition to the 300 Creative Date ideas, this 100-plus page ebook covers the Do's and Don'ts of Dating. If you haven't been on many dates or your dates have not gone very successfully, this information will be invaluable to you.

And ladies, you need to plan some creative dates too! The more you put into your relationship, the more you will get back out of it. Use the ideas in this book to alternate the planning of date nights between you and your sweetheart.

Date Ideas

Increase Passion and Intimacy Through Great Sex

500 Lovemaking Tips & SecretsYou are here because you want to make your sex life exciting. You want to make it hot. Exciting. Mind-blowing. Perhaps you want to have it more often or need tips for your very first time. We have more sex tips than ANY OTHER PLACE!

Lovemaking Tips

What the Top 1% of Couples Know

50 Secrets of Blissful RelationshipsHow much would you pay for a lifetime of bliss with your partner? Would you forgo just one pair of tickets to the movies to learn the secrets? Do you think enough of your relationship to invest this tiny amount into improving and enriching it?

Never Fight Again

What the Top 1% of Couples Do

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

50 More Secrets of Blissful Relationships

"I'm so certain that you will like 50 Secrets and 50 More Secrets that they come with a money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked!"
- Michael Webb

50 More Secrets of Blissful Relationships

The above guarantee will be honored by the Author Michael Webb - Ruth "Your Guide"

Marriage proposals don't have to cost a fortune.

Popping the questionIn fact, the best ones usually don't. Michael ran a contest recently, searching for the world's most romantic proposal stories. Hundreds of newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations announced it. Over 7,300 entries poured in from around the world - 9% of the proposals were by females (yes, it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to pop the question - in fact, guys are really flattered when that happens).

You know what?

The grand prize winning marriage proposal cost the guy less than $20. All he used was a piece of hardware, something from the bathroom and some creativity to put it together. What he did brought his girlfriend to tears and thunderous applause from everyone who witnessed it. After you read what he did and you see the photographs, you too will be amazed.

Proposal Ideas

A step-by-step guide to finding your perfect partner

A Better Way To DateThe package will give you all the steps you need to develop the relationship with your perfect partner in the right way so that you two can share a lifetime of love. There are a lot of men and women who go out with each other and would be great potential partners, but the mistakes they make when they date each other often destroys their future happiness.

An absolute MUST HAVE - Dating Secrets

Love making tips and ideas revealed by Michael Webb in his books also include suggestions and tips on marriage, dating and anniversary surprises, tips for men, tips for women, advice on sex relationships, romantic gift giving ideas and suggestions, romance novels and books and creative fun, the how to's of romantic getaways, how to resurrect romance, love poems and love stories and romantic tips on love relationships and more advanced dating tips. Michael Webbs books are one of the gems in the industry.

- Ruth "Your Guide"

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10 Easy Romantic Tips Lessons (I have a sneaky surprise gift for you. Get it on the other side)

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