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Russian Women Articles

1) About older Russian women Older Russian women are very different. Some of them are highly intellectual and well educated, have a perfect life and a strong family. Others are poor and miserable. read more

2) Russian women abroad need our protection
The researchers say that the flow of Russian women going abroad for the purpose of marriage is constantly increasing. It's not connected with the economical situation in the Russian Federation; single Russian women use the service of marriage agencies hoping to find their happiness there. Some of them get what they wanted to, but the majority of them - not. read more

3) Can Russian women be considered ideal?
It's interesting, and what woman, in the opinion of the majority of men, is an ideal one.  read more

4) Why the western men "hunt" for Russian brides?
What is it about Russian women that is so vastly different from the fair sex living in western countries that makes foreigners spend a considerable amount of money to come to Russia to marry a Russian girl?  Some of them come to Russia several times to achieve that purpose. read more


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