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The company "A Pretty Woman" started in 1994 from printing colored catalogues and arranging meetings of American men and Russian women through our office in Florida. In 1995 they started a website which was one of the first companies for Russian brides on the internet to provide their male clients the opportunity to browse and find a perfect woman. Later they opened offices in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Alena 7C82
  • Alexandra 32C5
  • Alina 89Z2
  • Anna 89V8
  • Ekaterina 5E96
  • Elena 6X48
  • Elena 7Z59
  • Elena 427U
  • Elizabeth 5H98
  • Elizabeth 53F4
  • Elvira 34F2
  • Irina 25H7
  • Ivanna 93T3
  • Julia 25S4
  • Julia 37N5
  • Julia 339B
  • Lilia 75Z5
  • Ludmila 6F77
  • Margarita 44R9
  • Margarita 533B
  • Maria 88M5
  • Marina 467X
  • Marina 864U
  • Nadezhda 9B59
  • Nina 2G37
  • Oksana 35F5
  • Svetlana 59T5
  • Valentina 639C
  • Victoria 7E46
  • Yana 83N7

The service to the women is free.

They advertise through many Russian magazines and newspapers, as well as on-line to find the best, most beautiful, sincere and educated ladies for their club of acquaintance. As they are a well known reliable company, most of their clients, both male and female refer their friends and relatives to them. Careful screening of all applicants enables them to present only real and sincere women looking for their second half abroad.

We wish you good luck in search for love!

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May 23, 2015

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A Pretty Woman


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Browse the women's profiles for free. Search engine where you can search by Age, height, weight, how many kids, smoker, city, country, first name, status, English ability, occupation, or profession, education, religion, hair color, eye color, zodiac sign, interesting photos, phone fax e-mail, birthday, keywords

Regions Served

Primarily Russia - [7705], Argentina - [2], Armenia - [15], Australia - [3], Austria - [4], Azerbajan - [38], Belarus - [896], Belgium - [6], Brazil - [1], Bulgaria - [12], Canada - [9], China - [5], Croatia - [1], Cyprus - [14], Czech - [12], Denmark - [3], Egypt - [2, Estonia - [28], Finland - [7], France - [24], Georgia - [12], Germany - [33], Greece - [11], Hungary - [2], Ireland - [1], Israel - [9], Italy - [21], Japan - [7], Jordan [4], Kazakhstan - [293], Kirghizstan - [1] Kyrgyzstan - [64], Latvia - [82],  Lithuania - [25], Malaysia - [3], Malta - [1], Moldova - [232], Netherlands - [7], New Zealand - [1] Norway - [3], Poland - [7]Portugal - [1], Romania - [11], Slovakia - [3], Spain - [28], Sweden - [4], Switzerland - [8], Tadjikistan - [6], Thailand - [6]Tunis - [2] Turkey - [23], Turkmenistan - [20], Uae - [18], Ukraine - [5339], United-kingdom - [18], Uruguay - [1], Usa - [48], Uzbekistan - [254], Vietnam - [1]



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A Pretty Woman

features include:

  1. 1. Look at over 12 thousands pictures of beautiful women from all around the globe (you'll get a real eyeful)
  2. 2. A search tool with which you can look for girls within the known parameters that you have specified. (and there are lots)
  3. 3. Have a translated phone conversation with the lady of your dreams from the comfort of your home
  4. 4. View hundreds of testimonials from happy people around the world who found each other through their web site.
  5. 5. If you are just too busy to write letters and you would prefer to have the girls make the first contact with you, then a personal listing is an excellent way to start off your correspondence.
  6. 6. Your personal gallery of women you want to correspond with. After you have chosen some girls you wish to contact, you then should proceed over to the "Order Page" to purchase her address and/or letter.
  7. 7. Could not find any Tour Information at this time.
  8. 8. Current days rank of 200 Top Russian Girls
  9. 9. Easy to place girls in your Gallery. Just click on picture and they're there.



I found my love. He bought my address from your site and wrote to me in September 2005, which led to correspondence and then we met each other in person here in St Petersburg.

I am very happy with Brad. It is almost 1 year since I moved to US. We don't have children yet, but we are thinking about it and will probably have them in a year or so. I already have all the legal documents, residence and driving license. I have worked for 4 months in an architectural company here, and draw plans of buildings for them.

Also, I am thinking of continuing my education. I already found Russian girlfriends here! In autumn my mother will visit us. In the beginning right after my arrival I opened my internet shop. Here it is:myworldflags.com. Thank you very much for your site, guys. Still cannot believe all of this happened to me. My advice to every girl who is looking for a husband abroad is to learn English, it helps. Also to listen to your heart and to follow your dreams.

Thank you again.

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