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There are over 200 new fresh beautiful faces added to the web site.

A Foreign Affair

is the world's largest and most respected Introduction and Tour service. Founded in early 1995, they were the first on-line Introduction and Tour Company, and have since grown to be the industry leader. They own and operate offices in all of the cities in which they conduct their world famous Romance Tours, with over 70 employees worldwide.

There are over 200 new fresh beautiful faces added to the web site. The most current profiles from their foreign offices, and the speed of the Internet insure you the greatest selection of the most current women who want to meet you.

  • Alexandra-143697
  • Inna-145199
  • Anastasia-161603
  • Anna-156824
  • Marina-150561
  • Raisa-153043
  • Ekaterina-154200
  • Oksana-149178
  • Olga-149966
  • Svitlana-148379
  • Veronica-148271
  • Olga-157271
  • Viktoria-144485
  • Yuliya-150172

Clicking on the woman you like will take you to her profile.

The most interesting aspect behind A Foreign Affair is that each of the founders; John Adams, Ken Agree and Ron Redburn is married to a Russian woman. That means that they probably know what is involved and they know what they are doing. There is a a web page that you have to see on the site. Look for it "What the Media Says". I was amazed. Also you can get the inside scoop about the soon to be released full-length motion picture portraying the Romance Tours. Be sure to read the media reports and client testimonials available if you are unsure if this is the right service for you.

Testimonial I went to St. Petersburg with A Foreign Affair last September. I have never gone with any other company, but I truly believe A Foreign Affair is the best. Their personal service and advice was priceless. I can only think of three complaints about my trip:

(1) I couldn't get any sleep for the first five days due to jet lag and excitement. I went about four days and four nights with less than a total of 8 hours sleep.

(2) I know you won't believe this, but there were too many women. About 1/3 are "put them on the cover of a magazine beautiful" and by the end of the first week, I was glad I had found my Lena and could just date her and not have to meet any more women.

(3) I wish I could have stayed longer and spent more time with my Lena. Listen, I could go on forever and ever. Bottom line is that I do not believe any other tour company could be any better than A Foreign Affair.

St. Petersburg is truly a place full of beautiful women who want to meet and marry an American man who would simply make a decent husband. All you have to do is treat them like a lady, be honest and sincere and the choice is totally up to you.

Last Reviewed

May 18, 2015

Site Name

A Foreign Affair


Mail Order Brides, International/Ethnic dating service and tour company. This is not a Mail Order Bride site.

Free Basic Membership

Register for free. Since this service provides men with names and contact information of women internationally there are several methods of participating.

You can buy the names one at a time or become a member and have access to thousands.

Regions Served

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR, Women from Europe, Asia, Latin America

Russia and CIS

Ukraine ( 13832 )

Russia ( 2791 )

Belarus ( 248 )

Latvia ( 0 )

Kazakhstan ( 2 ) 


Philippines ( 8303 )

China ( 5810)

Thailand ( 1793 )

Hong Kong ( 2 )

Latin and South America

Colombia ( 3606 )

Peru ( 1373 )

Costa Rica ( 992 )

Brazil ( 0 )

Dominican Republic ( 635 )

Venezuela ( 46 )

Mexico ( 44 )

Argentina ( 33 )

Ecuador ( 20 )

Chile ( 10 )

Honduras ( 6 )

Uruguay ( 3 )



Relationships Promoted


A Foreign Affair

features include:

Membership is FREE and you can view all the women's pictures and profiles for as long as you like.

If you want the addressed of women that are of interest you have the choice of three types of membership. Platinum, Gold and Silver.

The Platinum membership is the best value

Virtual Email Address Sales

Express Mail Service

Phone Translation Service

Fiancee Visa Kit

Language Courses

They offer over 75 Romance tours per year

Fill out on-site form and submit your criteria. Matching updates will be e-mailed to you weekly. HTML is recommended as pictures will be included.

Romance Tours to more cities than any other tour

Search engine lets you put in age, religion,
min and max weight and height, dozens of countries, by ID#, by keyword search such as hobbies, sports, hair color etc.

International Gift, Flowers and Candy Center.


Executive Plan as an alternative to their standard offerings to serve those clients requiring a much more extensive, personalized, approach.

good advice and letter writing tips

What I like

This service is one of the best and has been reviewed by top newspaper and television news shows in America!

Privacy / Safety



This was the most fun I have had in the last ten years.

Bud you the MAN!!!! I just wanted to say thank you. This was the most fun I have had in the last ten years. You and your staff were so professional and helpful which made the trip a great success for me and the other travelers. I look forward to many more adventures with your company and especially if you are the group leader. Anna was tremendous and everything was planned so perfectly and executed flawlessly. Your professionalism and genuine concerned for the happiness and wellbeing of the tour participants was truly amazing. I just wish I could say more but something's just cannot be put in words. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for everything and wish you great success in the future. Glenn T.

What I don't like

The website is too busy looking

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