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Russian Mail Order Brides Do NOT Exist! - Russian Brides and the Media
When speaking about cross culture marriages, there is an interesting trend: a relationship between a man from the USA and a woman from Australia is an "international relationship", yet a relationship between the same man and a woman from Russia is a "mail order brides" thing. read more

Stuck in a Rut - I was getting a very odd feeling about my relationship with my partner.  read more

Cyberdating for the New Millenium - Are you looking for a compatible mate, either from your own or another ethnic background, who shares your values and goals? Then say goodbye to nineteenth-century marriage brokers and "picture brides"; say hello to cyberdating! read more

Infiltrating Internet Dating - Not long ago, I was a single woman on the prowl who hadn't quite yet met her match, but was tired of looking for him in all the wrong places. Then I got a computer and took my first step into the cyberworld scene.  read more

10 Easy Romantic Tips Lessons (I have a sneaky surprise gift for you. Get it on the other side)

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